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Course oriented to train in the basics of aviation that must have a pilot or operator of unmanned aircraft (drones, or UAVs RPAS) for the performance of its functions. The course has been developed in compliance with Law 18/2014, of October 14, and updated in compliance with Law 1036/2017, of December 15, in which the qualification requirements for pilots are established for RPAS operation, commonly called drones.


The requirements that must prove the pilots of civil aircraft piloted by remote control not exceeding 25 kg are:


  • 1. Perform basic (theoretical) course and / or advanced for pilots of drones (RPAS) in an approved organization, or have any valid pilot's license. (This course covers this requirement).




Additionally, for flights in controlled airspace, have the necessary knowledge to obtain the radiophonist qualification, as well as accredit an adequate knowledge of the language or languages used in the communications between the controller and the aircraft.


Course objectives

  • Provide adequate training for remotely piloted aircraft pilots for the execution of their tasks to be carried out in a safe and wide-knowledge environment, taking into consideration the airspace in which they are operating.
  • Get together for basic and advanced piloting RPAS (drones) certificate. This certificate (along with specific course and the medical certificate) will allow the pilot to perform flights in and out of his visual range.



Any person wishing to be trained as RPAS pilot or drone pilot.



The course contents are taught by professionals with several years of experience in the following areas: Flight Instruction and Aviation Law (instructors of SENASA flight school: E-ATO-242), and operation, design and manufacture of RPAS.


Previous requeriments

  • The requirement to access this course is to be 18 years.
  • It is recommended to have obtained, prior to our course, the Aviation Class 2 medical certificate or LAPL. If the medical examination is not passed, even having passed the theoretical and specific courses AESA will not allow to fly this type of aircraft. For more information visit the website of AESA


Course Content

The contents of this course have been developed bearing in mind that the student may not have previous aeronautical knowledge. Each topic is explained in a pedagogical way, starting from the basics up to the advanced level that a drone pilot needs to operate an aircraft safely. The course syllabus is as follows:


  • Regulations.
  • Knowledge of the aircraft.
  • Aircraft performance.
  • Meteorology.
  • Navigation and interpreting maps.
  • Operational procedures.
  • Communications.
  • Human factors for RPAS.
  • ATC knowledge.
  • Advanced communications.


NOVEMBER Edition details:

Language: Spanish.


Training entity: SENASA Flight School, approved by AESA, with the code E-ATO-242, which enables it as a school of pilot of drones.


  • 30 hours of e-learning: remotely via the Internet (previously to the in classroom part).
  • From 29th October to the beginning of the in classroom part.
  • 30 hours of classroom training:
  • From 12 to 16 November 2018.


The e-learning training allows the student to access the course content as many times as needed, at any time of day, you only need a computer and Internet connection. For now, this course is not compatible with MAC devices.

To attend to the final exam, students must have completed the study of all modules of the distance learning and have attended the lectures at the classroom training.


Classroom training hours: 8:30 to 15:00 from Monday to Thursday and, 8:30 to 14:30 on Friday. Within these hours breakfast is included.


Venue: The classroom part will take place at the facilities of SENASA. Avda. de la Hispanidad 12, 28042 Madrid.


Price: € 875.

This course can be funded through reductions in employers' Seguridad Social contributions, through the Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo (formerly Fundación Tripartita). For more information see the website:


Cancellation Policy

If not reached the minimum number of students required, SENASA reserves the right to cancel the course, returning the full amount paid. The place on the course is only confirmed once payment is made. It is not possible to reserve.


To cancel your attendance please e-mail to the e-mail address: at least 7 days before the start of the course, which will entitle you to a refund of 90% of the price (remaining 10% in management expenses).


If not carrying out the cancellation, or make it 6 days or less before the start of the course, no amount will be refunded.


If you are unable to attend, as an alternative to the cancellation you have the option to someone else replace it in your course registration. To do this, you must communicate their data to the email address warning us of the change at least 24 hours prior to the start date of the course. In this case you will not be refunded any amount.


In case of cancellation due to force majeure accredited (death, accident, serious illness or hospitalization in all of them, in his own person or to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity), the student will be entitled to full reimbursement.


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