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  • The operation and management of air operators activities require several organizational management systems in place, such as the economic and financial management, legal management, human resources management, management of the environment, management of quality, etc. Safety management systems have been included lately to the list of management systems of aviation organisations, which are involved in the provision of aeronautical products and services. Safety management systems have become unavoidably part of the business management of any organization and must be implemented with unrestricted commitment from the high management in terms of their obligation to develop and implement the SMS.
  • The safety management system (SMS) for air operators, is a systematic approach for safety management, which includes organizational structure, lines of responsibility, policy, objectives, processes and procedures for the identification and analysis of safety deficiencies, hazards and their associated consequences, as well as for the control, elimination or mitigation of safety risks, including principles of safety assurance, management of change and the continuous improvement of the SMS. In order to reinforce the notion of managing safety as a business management process, the last ICAO requirements, include provisions for the establishment of lines of responsibility throughout the Organization, as well as for senior management.
  • In addition, new ICAO requirements require States the responsibility to establish and maintain a State Safety Programme (SSP), which obliges air operators, approved maintenance organisations and other service providers to put in place a safety management system (SMS). Finally, the requirements impose on States the obligation to establish an acceptable level of safety for all activities and provision of services above mentioned.



  • To provide knowledge on fundamentals and principles of safety in relation to safety management systems (SMS) and their applicability to air operators’ daily activities.
  • To understand why vulnerabilities in aviation systems, the identification of safety deficiencies and hazards, their consequences, and the management safety risks, have a direct impact on the air operators’ activities and why basic requirements need to be established by an air operator in order to proceed with the development of a safety management system.
  • To implement all requirements associated with the different phases of the SMS planning and to develop and put into practice a structured SMS implementation plan for air operators, as well as the development of the safety assurance concept, management of change and the continuous improvement of the SMS.


Intended for:

  • Operations directors, operations department managers, quality directors, safety officers and all the personnel that on their daily responsibilities need to know and work with this new Safety Management System in their organizations.



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