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The "MSG-3" is the methodology largely accepted in the aviation world for the establishment of the tasks and scheduled maintenance intervals that are acceptable to operators and manufacturers as well as for the Regulatory Authorities.


The Course provides the material needed to become familiar with the philosophy, procedures, analysis and development that the most current version of the "MSG-3" (Revision 2009.1) offers to create, develop and adapt the maintenance program to support the continued airworthiness of any aircraft.


It will analyze the logical process, the organization and systematic to establish both the initial maintenance program as well as its subsequent adaptation to the specific conditions of each operator and its further development based on the experience gained during its application to the affected fleet.


The Course starts on the basic concepts of failure, its effects and the reliability basis, to continue establishing the logical analysis that will determine the maintenance tasks and intervals to be applied to aircraft systems and powerplant, structures, the various areas of the airplane and the protection systems against lightning strikes or radiation fields of high intensity.


The course will also address other important issues related to adaptation Maintenance Program developed by the MSG-3 to the specific conditions of each operator as are the different ways of grouping the work cards, their influence on the Maintenance Organization and the constraints that may be imposed on this by the type of operation of the Company or its size.


It is intended a course essentially oriented toward practical application, so it will be complemented the theoretical exposition with the implementation of various aspects of the methodology "MSG-3" to various examples and practical exercises of real interest.


Course Objective:

  • The main objective of the Course is to help Organizations related with maintenance to generate and manage efficient maintenance programs by optimizing maintenance practices (with the elimination of ineffective ones) and simplifying maintenance programs in order to achieve greater safety and productivity in the operation of aircraft with the lowest possible cost.
  • Safeguard the intrinsic safety standards for aircraft and its equipment.
  • Provide in-depth knowledge of how to generate an initial Maintenance Program and how it should be its evolution over time during all the life in service of the aircraft.
  • Sufficiently aware of the methodology and technique used by the MSG-3 to generate and review a maintenance program so that each operator can suit its particular needs to significantly improve both the availability and operational safety of their aircraft as the optimization of its costs.
  • Anticipate the strong connection between maintenance and reliability that should have influence in the existence of a Reliability Program.


Addressed to:

  • Technical staff (engineers from Aeronautic Industries, Airlines or Aviation Regulatory Authority) which has as its objective the generation, execution, authorization and supervision of maintenance programs to be applied to the aircraft or its equipment.



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