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Theoretical knowledge electronics exams for FCL License and Rating are established by the Commission Regulations about issuance of flight crew licenses in accordance with the EASA and AESA requirements for the issuing of flight crew licenses among the categories listed below in the “GUÍA de exámenes”.


Whom should I contact with any questions?


Sede de Exámenes de Madrid - Dpto de Exámenes


Edificio nº 4.


Customer Service Hours from 9:00h to 14:00h.


Telf.: (+34) 91 301 94 38


Fax: (+34) 91 301 94 35




Exam Headquarters in 2024

Main Headquarters - Madrid:


Address: Avenida de la Hispanidad 12, edificio de simulación ATC, planta 2, aula CBT 3.


Open all the year (except in Easter, August, and Christmas).


Exam schedule from 8:30h a 14:30h.

Barcelona Headquarters:


Address: Centre de Promoció Econòmica. Ajuntament del Prat de Llobregat


Open on the following date:


  • From January 15th to 26th
  • From April 15th to 26th
  • From July 8th to 19th
  • From October 14th to 25th


Exam schedule from 9am to 2pm and from 3pm to 6pm.

Tutorial zone

Tutorials are as following:


For Pilot Students


  • Pilot student exam tool tutorial. Pilot student will be able to get familiar with the user-friendly tool they will find at the moment of taking the exam. Adobe Flash Player is needed.
  • Supporting Scientific Calculator for calculation of operations.
  • “Measuring tool”, it is a tool to measure angles and draw circumferences and guide lines in the graphs attached to the questions. It must be viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or higher browser.

For Flightschool


  • General tutorial. This tutorial presents the most important action. For play this demo, Adobe Flash Player is needed. To do this, firstable you must install it from de Adobe site, and then open you must be sure your Web browser have enabled this plugin.

  • Enrolment tutorial. In this tutorial, it is specifically shown the student enrolment process in several license exams. Adobe Flash Player is needed, in a similar way above indicated.


Briefing note to Flightschool:


It is reminded to ATO, Registered Center or Flightschool, approved by the National Authority (AESA); in order to carry out the procedures in the electronic exam new system, they must appoint a person responsible for the exams and a replacement (as indicated in the point 4.2. of the GUÍA), and REPORT IT to AESA (Licensing Division to personal in charge to FCL) sending to the following email address:



Trainair Plus
REGISTRO MERCANTIL: TOMO 838, FOLIO 121, HOJA 16835. C.I.F.: A-79818423