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The chapter relating to Transparency and Good Governance of this Report, reflects the legal framework and organisational structure, as well as the responsibilities and rights of each member of the organization and rules that should be followed for the decision making both, in case of the Board of Directors, as the Managers of the organization. At the same time, it reflects, in accordance with the provisions in paragraph 8.1.g) of the Law 19/2013, of transparency, access to public information and good governance, the information requested in the mentioned law.


The preparation of this chapter aims at the purpose that establishes the law in its preamble, of expand and strengthen the obligations of active publicity in the various areas, that includes the organization, and to publish the information relating to the functions that are developed, the legislation that has to be implemented and the organizational structure.


Regarding the chapter of Corporate Social Responsibility, since the publication of the mentioned law and in compliance with its predictions, SENASA has marked strategic lines of business action for its implementation in the development of the company’s corporate object. The boost of measures to ensure equality between women and men, the development of a social policy suitable for employees, in order to achieve greater social and professional promotion through the concession of social aids, and the reinforcement for those measures aimed to the environmental sustainability, have been the lines of work that most have highlighted until today, within the overall positive balance of the development of the standard.




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SENASA, as instrumental mean and technical service of the General Administration , its agencies and entities of public law, and contracting authorities dependent of them, and with national and international presence in the private sector, aims to further develop its activity, with the same quality and vocation of service, with which comes acting from its establishment and, at the same time, becoming a benchmark for ethical and responsible action.


Therefore, it has developed this Code of Ethics in order to realize these commitments, and in accordance with provisions in articles 140 and 143 of the Royal Decree 1373 / 2009, 28 August, which approves the Regulation of the Law of Heritage of the Public Administrations.



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