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Maintenance and Aircraft Operation


SENASA as a state trading company provides, among others, Aircrafts Maintaining and Operations Services. The maintenance is carried out in the centres own by SENASA: the first one is the CEMASS, located in the air base of Matacán (Salamanca), where SENASA provides the maintenance for Adventia Pilot School, airforce C-90 aircraft maintenance and for other clients: Inaer, Aeroruta, SVA. The second one is Ocaña’s Maintenance Centre, located in Toledo where SENASA provides the maintenance to the fleet of Sport Aviation Centre as well as to private operators as Aerolibre or EROPORTER, S.L.

Aircrafts Operation Services consists on providing support to several entities, both public and private, in the field of aerial works and aircraft operations.

Within it’s extensive experience in aorcraft maintenance and cutting edge adaptations in avionics, SENASA offers integral service to all its clients and it has implemented in its centre of Salamanca and Environmental and Secutiy Management System, taking as a reference EASA PART-145 regulations, as well as UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 regulations and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004, for wich SENASA has obtained the corresponding certification.



SENASA has taken part in several R&D projects such as:

  • EGNOS: operating a Beechcraft A-100 for ENAIRE Air Navigation Division properly modified by SENASA
  • EADS/CASA Lateral Radar: ground equipment tested in Ocaña aerodrome
  • Boeing Research Technology Europe (BRTE): the first Boeing hydrogen cell aircraft test flight in Ocaña aerodrome facilities
  • Radio-signal coverage: led by the Communication Division of ENAIRE
  • MEDUP (ADS-B): test of ADS-B Spanish network led by the Surveillance Division of ENAIRE
  • OPTIMAL (FP6): testing new approaching and navigational procedures
  • Implementing new efficient routes on flight


SENASA carries out maintenance activities in its PART 145 certificate approval centre of Matacán (Salamanca) and Ocaña (Toledo). In its Salamanca 3.600 meters hangar facilities, SENASA developes:

  • Maintenance activities for general aviation aircraft, mainly SOCATA and Beechcraft for:
    - Pilot School
    - Air Force
    - Experimental aircrafts
    - Turboprops and Piston aircrafts
  • Avionics laboratory : SENASA calibrates and repairs a wide range of aircraft components of Adventia Pilot School and clients as Inaer and Domínguez Toledo among others
  • Laboratory for non destructive testing: penetrating liquids, magnetic particles and EDDY CURRENT

In its Ocaña 1.600 meters hangar facilities, SENASA developes:

  • Maintenance activities for general aviation aircraft, mainly SOCATA and gliders for:
    - Pilot School
    - Single engine light aircrafts and gliders
    - Historical aircrafts
    - Skydiving aircrafts

Aircrafts and Fligt simulators operations

  • SENASA is authorized by the General Directorate of Spanish Civil Aviation (DGAC) to manage the following projects:
    - ENAIRE Internacional: Navaids calibration flights operating a Beechcraft King Air B300.
    - ENAIRE Air Navigation Division: operating a modified Beechcraft King Air A100 by SENASA.
    - Full Flight Simulator Centre (JAR STD, E-FTO)

From the Aircraft Maintenance Centre in Salamanca, CEMASS, located at Matacán Air Base, we are satisfied to offer our broad experience in aircraft maintenance and state-of-the-art avionics technology.

  • Adventia Pilot School Maintenance
  • Air Force C-90 Aircraft Maintenance
  • Advisory support to DGCA on aircraft and avionics parts certification
  • Avionics modifications and trial flights for EGNOS and ADS projects

The Aircraft Maintenance Centre in Salamanca, within its aircraft maintenance and operation activities and maintenance and repair of components, has implemented a Quality / Environmental and Safety Management System, using as a reference the norms and recommendations set by EASA in PART-145 (mandatory European regulations for civil aircraft), as well as the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 norms, for which the appropriate certification has been obtained by the Aircraft Maintenance Centre.


The Flight School fleet maintenance is carried out in SENASA’s Sports Centre in Ocaña (Toledo).
In both cases, SENASA has enhanced its range of capacities in order to provide full service to all its clients.

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