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E-learning comes as the result of new information and communication technologies and distance training. This technology has been developed gradually, firstly using NTIC only as communicative support, up to the technology integration throughout the teaching-learning process, as E-learning is defined.


This kind of training improves the efficiency and speed of implementation, and allows the training of a large number of people in a very short period of time, without displacement, as well as significant expense reduction and time optimization.


SENASA has over a decade experience in the E-learning area:


  • WBT´s (Web Based Training) developing, from content creation to IT development.
  • Open Source Platforms development and adaptation, including management and monitoring.
  • Control and management of the servers hosting all the E-learning "structure".


SENASA has extensive experience in developing E-learning projects in order to cover present and future training needs, for both our own students and our customers, as well as the technology and the know-how required to develop E-learning training and provide appropriate solutions to the dimensions of each project, both nationally and internationally in all areas:


  • Project viability analysis
  • Pedagogical adaptation of content
  • Design and multimedia development
  • Final quality evaluation of the project





SENASA offers global solutions for training management through the implementation of comprehensive training management platforms able to support all the necessary training projects, regardless the way of teaching.


All our LMSs have been developed, in-house, under open source. This makes more flexible the adaptation to customer and student’s needs, as it facilitates the modification or adaptation of them.


Some examples are:




STELA is the training platform that SENASA has developed to comercialize its E-learning products:


STELA, like all of the LMS (Learning Management Systems) developed by SENASA, offers students all the usual features in this kind of platforms: inmail, library, chats, forums, calendars, tracking control, exams, etc.


Polaris is the platform that SENASA’s software development team has created to manage the students in courses like the ATC classroom courses, Service Management Platform (SDP), Flight Information Service (AFIS), etc. It has been developed according to the specific needs of the school, in order to monitor the training of students, both on-line -in different WBTs that students have throughout the course- and during the on-campus classes.


TELMA is a platform developed by SENASA to manage classroom and on-line training for all the operators involved in the EGNOS satellite navigation European project. It also allows the management of the different maintenance professionals involved in this project.





All the E-learning products in WBT (Web Based Training) are developed through the collaboration of a large group of professionals (engineers, documentalists, web developers and programmers), working in a coordinated manner following our own "Methodology of developing a training plan", that includes all the necessary requirements to meet the highest quality standards.


One of our main objectives is to ensure that the content is presented in an interactive and enjoyable way, thus capturing the attention of the student on the course content. To achieve this, we use multimedia animations, interactive presentations, sound files, images, photos, vector graphics,…


In order to give the highest quality to its e-learning products, SENASA has adopted the SCORM standard, a standard for building and packaging E-learning courses that aims to become an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard.


One of the most important advantages of the SCORM standard is that courses developed under it must are able to be installed and used in any LMS market.


Some examples of the projects developed by SENASA are:




For our initial and advanced training courses (ATC, SDP, AFIS…):


  • Meteorology
  • Single European Sky
  • Location indicators
  • Designators for Aircraft Operators
  • Aircraft Recognition
  • English Phraseology for ATC
  • On Job Training Instruction
  • ELPAC training

For Aviation Safety training:


  • Aviation Legislation
  • Aeronautical Inspection Matters
  • Introduction to Technical Standards
  • Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance
  • Annex 17 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation
  • Awareness Civil Aviation Security (approved by EASA)
  • EASA Part M
  • EASA Part 145
  • Fuel Tank Safety
  • Aviation Medicine System in Aircrew Regulation EU
  • Flight recorders...

To cover our international projects:


  • EGNOS Basic Operations
  • EGNOS Primary System
  • Safety Awareness Training

Other courses developed for our clients:


  • Developing mentoring skills
  • Safety Management
  • ATS Contingency Plans
  • ATC monitoring
  • Communications
  • Airport Services
  • Aeronautical Information Service
  • Air Traffic Flow Management
  • Cartography and Altimetry
  • Interpretation of Aeronautical Charts
  • Aerodromes
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