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Madrid, July 23rd, 2021


With Domingo Ferreiro as president of SENASA, between 2005 and 2010, SENASA developed essential support to the Aeronautical Authority


Within the context of the 30th Anniversary of SENASA, some of the presidents who led the organization in these three decades share their memories and provide a retrospective of the challenges and achievements they experienced during their years as presidents of SENASA. Domingo Ferreiro chaired SENASA between 2005 and 2010.


During that time, SENASA had to face great challenges, among them and one the most important experienced in the aeronautical sector, the crisis due to the closure of operations of Air Madrid airline. It is also necessary to highlight the main contribution of SENASA in those years as essential support to the Aeronautical Authority, collaborating in its condition as instrumental mean and technical service of the General State Administration with the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and later, upon its creation, the Spanish Aviation Safety & Security Agency. It was also then that SENASA began to develop its activity in the field of environmental consulting, currently one of the strategic business areas.


Here shares Domingo Ferreiro his vision of those years in which SENASA knew how to adapt successfully to unforeseen events.


What is your best memory of SENASA?


Their people. SENASA has a human team completely skilled and dedicated. However, in my opinion, the ability to respond to emergency situations must be highlighted, as was evident in the Air Madrid crisis. No effort and dedication were spared beyond schedules and in a cooperative work environment. It is fair to mention one of the people who was widely involved and committed in that circumstance. I think of Jacinto Nogales who left us prematurely.


What activities would you highlight from your years leading the company?


SENASA's capabilities as technical assistance in aeronautical security were strengthened. We contributed to the creation of the Aeronautical Safety Agency, providing skilled professionals. To make even more visible our knowledge in these tasks, the name of the company was changed, keeping the acronym, it was then renamed as Services and Studies for Aviation Safety.


We started planning the future of the training sector. To do this, we abandoned activities in which SENASA could not compete in an open market, and the first steps were taken to face the future in air control training, where SENASA has great experience, and is able to contribute with human and technical resources.


I would like not to forget the initiatives that were taken to maintain employment at SENASA-Salamanca. Cooperation was established with the Maritime Rescue Society, and an agreement was reached with AENA so that SENASA will be in charge of the operation of the calibration aircraft.


What strengths define SENASA as an organization serving the public sector?


Considering SENASA as an Instrumental Company, allows the Administrations to trust the company through the Management Commissions formula, which facilitates the hiring and immediate response. In addition, as I have already mentioned, the organization is highly recognized for its knowledge and experience in the sector.


How do you see the future of SENASA?


From my perspective in time with the activity of the sector I cannot assess the circumstances that will shape the future. However, based on my experience in the past, I can reckon that SENASA has the capacity to adapt to new challenges that may arise in the future. Such as, for example, the environment, which air transport faces, an aspect that SENASA has already incorporated into its projects in the past.


Last but not least, I would like to convey my best wishes so that SENASA maintains its leadership in the sector and keeps and expands employment. As I said before, human capital is the great strength of the company.



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